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H 200

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Center Drive Machines

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Christian Rhiel


  • Up to 4 cross slides
  • Turning length up to 1100 mm
  • Work piece diameter up to 100 mm
  • Range of speeds up to 5.000m-¹

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machine concept

Series H 200
Machine concept

machine description

The series H 200 stands for the reduction of production time in machining of small work pieces and huge volumes. With max.4 tools in simultaneous machining primary and secondary times can be reduced. With the integrated loading and unloading units the secondary times can be reduced once more so that a reduction of the processing time of 35 % can be realized.

Technical Data

Technical DataH 200-S/OH 200-FH 200-C
workholding devicecollet & chuckroller guide supportcollet
max. work piece diameter [mm]100
max. work piece length [mm]to 1100 mmto 1100 mmto 750 mm
rapid motion speed [m/min]303030

Siemens Sinumerik 840D-SL

Siemens Sinumerik 840D-SLSiemens Sinumerik 840D-SL


Machine series
H 200 with horizontal machine bed


C = Centerdrive / F = Facing / O = Opponent Spindle / S = Spindle

Example: H 200-C = Center drive machine with horizontal bed

Additional data

Up to 2 Center drive headstocks
(div. Versions with CM)
Up to 4 NC-Supports
Up to 4 WZ-Revolver (also driven)
Steady Rest
Integrated tool gripper for automation
Part feed/output
chip conveyorr



attendant technologies

attendant workpieces